Welcome to Bancroft!

Bancroft Elementary provides students with a strong academic foundation as critical thinkers who choose and act responsibly with respect for self, community, and the environment.

Bancroft is an IB World School. The PYP is a world-renowned curriculum framework from the International Baccalaureate (IB) designed to encourage students to be active learners, well-rounded individuals and engaged world citizens.  The Primary Years Programme targets learners in High 5 through 5th grade and aims to create a relevant, engaging, challenging and significant educational environment for all children!


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Bancroft Happenings
Bancroft PTO Plant Sale

The 21st annual Bancroft PTO Plant Sale is on!
 The Plant Sale is the PTO’s biggest fundraiser, which helps pay for field trips, classroom supplies, and family nights. Share the Plant Sale information with your friends, family and neighbors! The flowering plants are beautiful and the herbs and vegetables are bountiful and delicious! Plant orders are due April 12. The plants will be available for pickup on May 12 and 13.

Order form         Color Reference Sheet


La 21a Venta de Plantas de la PTO de Bancroft está en marcha! – busque la información en la mochila de su estudiante  La Venta de Plantas recauda fondos para la PTO, para luego costear los paseos, los útiles escolares y las noches de familia. Comparta los formularios de pedidos con sus familiares, amigos y vecinos! Las flores son hermosas, y las hierbas y verduras son abundantes de producción y deliciosas. Aceptemos pedidos hasta el 12 de abril. Las plantas estarán listas para recoger el 12 y 13 de mayo.

Free Trees for Earth Day! - Arboles Gratis para Día de la Tierra!

Bancroft is participating in the 8th Annual Neighborhood Forest program, with the aim to provide free trees to kids to plant on Earth Day.

Fill out the online registration form by March 25 and receive a free maple tree (6-12 inches in size) during Earth Week (April 17-21).


La Escuela Bancroft participa en el 8o Año del Bosque del Barrio, con la meta de ofrecer árboles gratuitos a los niños para plantar el Día de la Tierra, 22 de abril.

Complete el formulario de internet antes del 25 de marzo y recibirán un árbol maple (6 a 12 pulgadas de altura) durante la Semana de la Tierra (17-21 abril). 


We ALL Belong at Bancroft!

TODOS pertenecemos a Bancroft!!

Annagu dhan waxaan ka tirsan mahay Bancroft!


School Renovation - Renovación de la Escuela


Our school construction project is getting underway! The first step is a fence that will go up in mid-March around the staging area for construction. We are working with the contractor to preserve as much recess area as possible, though we will have to change our patterns for recess exit and entry. 
Our number-one concern is always the safety of students and adults. We will try to keep you updated on progress over the next 18 months. 


El proyecto de renovación de Bancroft ya arranca! El primer paso empieza a mediados de marzo: una cerca alrededor de la área de preparación de la construcción. Tratamos de mantener el espacio para el recreo, pero va a ser reducido, y tendremos que cambiar nuestras rutinas de salir y entrar de recreo. Nuestra primera preocupación siempre es la seguridad de los niños y adultos. Trataremos de mantenerlos informados del progreso en los próximos 18 meses. 

Bancroft Remodel Updates 

Bancroft 2016-17 School Calendar

Download and print or save to your desktop calendar created by the district.

Bancroft 2016-17 School Calendar


Bancroft Promotional Video

View our School video on Youtube...click on the link below.



Come For A Tour!

We offer tours throughout the year, generally between 8:00am-1:30pm. Please call the school office to set up a time that works for you.