Ms. Erika Finne - Visual Arts Specialist
Ms. Finne
Ms Finne with glasses and short hair

I love teaching art here at Bancroft! This is my third year teaching here. I love watching the students learn and grow in their art skills. 

I studied art at the Univeristy of Minnesota and recieved my Bachelor's of Fine Arts. I got my Master's of Arts Education at the University of Saint Catherine's. I am a life long learner. 

I strongly believe in our schools district and city! I was a student in our Minneapolis District from kindergarten through 12th grade. I live our neighborhood and you might see me walking my dog in Powderhorn Park. 

In my own art practice I love to paint and draw. Currently I am working on a comic about pirates! I love pirates, and concider myself a pirate! My art room is a pirate ship that we keep it "ship-shape"!

We are working with a variety of art materials in order to learn the skills to comminicate ideas. Students will be challenged to use their imaginations and to be risk-takers. Students will learn about the Elements and Priciples of Art, through creating their own works of art. Students are encouraged to make choices, try new things, and solve problems. 


Visitors and volunteers are always welcome in the Art Room, feel free to stop by and see what our creative students are working on!

I can be reached at


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