Mrs. Linda Melssen Teacher 3rd Grade
Learning Experiences


It was great to see so many of you at Portfolio Night. Your children did a great job leading these conferences. You should be proud of your child.  

We have just finished Who We Are.  Students have written essays to persuade you to make a healthy choice.  Please ask your child what he/she wrote about.  Students are currently typing these in Media. 

Grade Three will be starting a new unit: Where We Are In Place and Time. It will be an inquiry into how ancient civilizations have made contributions to our present day ways of life. Please ask your child what new vocabulary words they are leaning this unit.

In math we are learning about fractions, measurement and time.  Please have your child practice telling time.  Ask them questions like: What time is it now?  How would you say that time using words? ( ___min. past ___, or ___min. before___) What time was it 30 minutes ago? What will the time be in 2 hours?

Please continue to read nightly and record in your child's planner.  Thanks for all you do !

Mrs. Meissen