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My name is Alana Espinosa and I'm so excited to join the wonderful first grade team at Bancroft this year! Over the next year, I will spend most of my time and energy caring about and getting to know your child. Here's a little about me: Before coming to Bancroft, I taught at Anishinabe Academy for three years. I received my Masters of Arts in Education from Augsburg University in 2017, where I also received my B.S. I grew up in NE Minneapolis and now live in the East Isles neighborhood. When I'm not teaching, I like to spend time with my loved ones, including my dog, Ella! I also love to read and be active outside.  

I believe that all children should feel safe and welcome at school. I also believe in the importance of student choice and autonomy in learning, and I strive to create opportunities for this as much as possible throughout our day.

A Few Notes About Our Classroom:

  • Homework: We will work very hard all day long, so you'll notice that your student won't be bringing much schoolwork home with them. My hope is that your child spends their time after school developing a new hobby or doing things they love! Here are some ideas I've gathered from the parents of my students over the years: sign them up for a team or club, visit the library, teach them to cook, explore outside, visit museums, read new books, create art, build something, learn to code on Scratch Jr., or have a game night! I promise these authentic learning opportunites are better than worksheets. 
  • Dimissal: If you're making a change to your child's dismissal routine, please call the office so they can let me know, rather than having your child relay the message. Sometimes kiddos get confused about these changes, and we want to make sure your child gets home safely to you each day.
  • Supplies: The supplies your child brought will be shared with all students. Each table will have a set of community supplies that they will use, and we will replenish the table baskets with extras as needed. I have sent home pencil boxes, binders, and other items that won't be used in first grade. Thanks for your understanding.


Please take a look at the sidebar for more information, and check back regularly for updates :-)

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