Units of Inquiry

The PYP Support Learning Through Inquiry, an interdisciplinary discovery of the world around us. 

"How We Organize Ourselves"

Unit Dates: 8/28-10/6

Central Idea:

The need for order causes people to create systems.

Lines of Inquiry: 

Structures of Organizations (form)

Function of Government (function)

Governing Documents (causation) 


Unit Summary: 

In this unit of study we are exploring the importance of Essential Agreement (rules/expectations) in our classroom and school as well is in other organizations in the world.  We also build on the knowledge of government that student's have gained in pervious grades as we explore different types of governments around the world. We also spend time learning about our Governing documents including the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In the SUmmative Assessment students are asked to choose a form of Government they would use if setting up their own Country as well as write some of the laws they think would be important.