Home Learning

​We have reading homework everyday. Students should read for 15-20 minutes and record this in their planner.   

Students need to record the following in their planner each day:

Time: the time started and finished reading  

Title:  of the book read

As students read they should be aware of new, interesting or unknown words.  Some students may find words each time they read; others may  find words less often.  The goal of noticing these words is to expand vocabulary - an important skill for successful students!  

Students  record the following in their planner when applicable:      

**Word:   When  you find an interesting, challenging, or fun word in your reading, write it in your planner so you can share it with the class.  

**Definition:   Find the meaning of the new word from a dictionary, the Internet, or by asking an adult.  

**Sentence:  Write a sentence using the new word.

 Students should find & record several words/ week.  


Spelling:  Students have a list of words to practice in their planner. 

Math homework:  Students usually have 1 page of math homework each night.  For students that complete the math work quickly, check out the Math link on my home page for challenging computer games and ST math log-in information.

As part of our math curriculum, students have access to the Houghton Mifflin web resource ThinkCentral.  This includes math games and can have additional assignments.  Students log in with their school user name and password.


Supporting your child with homework will help develop skills and habits that will benefit for your child for a lifetime!