Ms. Melissa Machovsky
Me and my daughter


I am thrilled to be a member of  the Bancroft Kindergarten team this year!   I began my teaching career at the FAIR School, where I taught 4th Grade for 5 years and then moved to Kindergarten for 4 years.  This will be my third year teaching at Bancroft.  

At Hamline University I earned my Bachelors and Masters degree.  I studied Elementary Education, Psychology, and Political Science.  

In the classroom I want to welcome learners as fully contribuing members of the community.  We ALL have a lot of growing to do in the kindergarten year!  My hope is that students will develop confidence in their abilities, make good friends, laugh, play, and establish their roots at Bancroft school.  I have an open door and welcome family and community members to come join us anytime!