Monthly Family Activity Menus - By grade

This year at Bancroft, we will send home a Family Activity Menu each month. The Family Activity Menu will include activities to keep your family active and engaged in learning together. The activities are a hybrid of traditional homework and unique social, emotional, relational and experiential learning opportunities. We strive to support the whole child, which we believe involves encouraging participation in a variety of experiences.

We expect all students to engage with the Family Activity Menus and 20 minutes of nightly reading. We feel these activities will help strengthen your student’s academic work ethic, establish a home routine for completing schoolwork, and develop their study and organizational skills at home in a positive manner.

Teachers may sometimes send work home that was not completed during the day or special projects. If your child needs more academic support at home, our teachers will help you identify appropriate resources and activities. 


Kindergarten FAM

1st Grade FAM

2nd Grade FAM

3rd Grade FAM

4th Grade FAM

5th Grade FAM