Friday, January 6


Friday, January 6, 2016

Happy Friday, First Grade Families!

Welcome back to school! We were very ready to be back in the swing of things this week. The students were happy to see their friends, enthusiastic about our activities, and quickly remembered our expectations for learning and being safe at school!

Our current IB Unit is still “How We Express Ourselves.” We are transitioning from being creative puppeteers to being writers! This line of inquiry is all about developing ideas through the writing process. In the next two weeks, students will write a story about something that happened to them. We brainstormed different ideas this week, chose a favorite, and wrote a solid start to the story. Students are making sure they identify the setting and characters in their story.

In literacy, we are working on identifying the sounds that make a word, including tricky sounds like “sh,” “ch,” and “th.” These are called digraphs – we are learning that sometimes 2 letters make one sound! We are looking for these in our reading and trying to use them in our writing. We also did a pre-test for the next 50 sight words. Next week I will send home the results from that pre-test so you know what sight words your child already knows! We have not taught these words yet, so anything they already know is a bonus! J

In math, we started a new unit, all about place value! We learned about decade numbers and teen numbers, and why it’s important to understand that 2-digit numbers aren’t just two numbers but made up of tens and ones! Students should be able to tell you that a number like “17” is “one ten and seven ones.” We will continue with Unit 4 next week!

Next week we have our FAST testing (Wednesday and Thursday)! Please make sure students get to bed on time, come to school every day, and are prepared to show what they know!

Coming Up:

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As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call, email, or send a note.

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