Mrs. Linda Melssen Teacher 3rd Grade

We have started another new unit: Who We Are. Our central idea is understanding how our body functions and how we can take care of our selves.  Our class has been working on some new vocabulary words: digest, circulate, function,affect and structure. Please ask your child what these words mean.  Challenge them to use the word correctly in a sentence. Many students have been taking action outside of class.  Our students are finding stories in the news, reading independently on the topics we talk about and checking out links on our Bancroft web page. They are able to make connections to the unit we are currently studying or one we have previously studied.  Thanks for promoting these connections! 

Our class had a great trip to the MIA.  It was a great way to preview our next unit.  Ask your student about what they saw and the connections they made.


Due to this cold and flu season, we are running low on tissue.  If you are able to send a box with your child it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Remember to keep studying your multiplication & division facts nightly.  Please remember to read 20 minutes and turn in your home work. Math usually is assigned Monday - Thursday.