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IB World School
High 5 - 5th
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3829 13th Ave S
Minneapolis 55407
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1st Grade

1st Grade Teachers

Catherine Lee

Leah Lewis

Becky Ramgren

Units of Inquiry:

Sharing the Planet
Central Idea: Awareness of our connections helps us be mindful citizens.

Inquiries into:
•Appreciating each other and the natural world
•Caring for ourselves
•Ways we take action

How We Express Ourselves
Central Idea: People use creative ways to tell stories.

Inquiries into:

•Developing ideas through writing

•Comparing how people tell stories

•Creative storytelling

How We Organize Ourselves
Central Idea: People organize things to make sense of the world.

Inquiries into:


•Animals and how they live

• Observing, sorting, and comparing

 Where We Are in Place & Time

Central Idea: Things change with time.
Inquiries into:

•Sequencing events

•How historians make inquiries about the past

•Comparing past & present

Who We Are
Central Idea: Information helps us make choices.

Inquiries into:

•How personal choices affects others

•Understanding how needs and wants guides our spending

How the World Works
Central Idea:

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3829 13th Ave S
Minneapolis 55407
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