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IB World School
High 5 - 5th
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3829 13th Ave S
Minneapolis 55407
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2nd Grade

2nd Grade Teachers

Mary Sjoberg

Rachel Zimmerman

Amy Laurita

Units of Inquiry:

Sharing the Planet
Central Idea: As members of communities, we have rights and responsibilities.

Inquiries into:

•Rights, responsibilities and privileges

•How to solve problems

•The democratic process

Who We Are
Central Idea: The struggles, contributions, and accomplishments of people influence our lives.

Inquiries into:

•Attributes of influential people

•Ways people overcome difficulties

•Making a difference in the world

How the World Works
Central Idea: Matter is a part of our daily lives.

Inquiries into:

•Properties of matter

•How matter changes

•Reasons we choose the materials we use

Where We Are in Place & Time
Central Idea: Where we live affects how we live.

Inquiries into:

•Representations of the earth

•Where people live

•How people live in different ways

How We Express Ourselves
Central Idea: Personal experiences can inspire writers.

Inquiries into:

•Story elements

•Tools and strategies writers use

•The writing process

How We Organize Ourselves
Central Idea: Goods and services are exchanged in many ways.

Inquiries into:

•The marketplace

•The function of currency


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3829 13th Ave S
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