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IB World School
High 5 - 5th
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3829 13th Ave S
Minneapolis 55407
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3rd Grade

3rd Grade Teachers

Linda Melssen

Christine Canard

Beth Anderson

Sharing the Planet
Central Idea: Living things have characteristics that enable them to survive.

Inquiries into:

•The diversity of biomes

•Adaptations of plants and animals

•Inherited and acquired traits

How We Organize Ourselves
Central Idea: Members of a community can influence leadership.

Inquiries into:

•Citizen action

•Distribution of services

•Structure of government

How the World Works
Central Idea: The solar system influences life on earth.

Inquiries into:

•Structure of the solar system

•Movements within the solar system

•Interconnectedness of the solar system

Who We Are
Central Idea: Understanding how our body functions helps us take care of ourselves.

Inquiries into:

•Body systems and their functions

•How body systems work together

•Choices that impact the body

Where We Are in Place & Time
Central Idea: The environment impacted ancient civilizations.

Inquiries into:

•Daily Life



How We Express Ourselves
Central Idea: People tell stories in order to understand themselves and the world.

Inquiries into:

•Stories that encourage values

•Stories that explain the world

•How authors make stories more interesting

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3829 13th Ave S
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