Fifth Grade Team
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IB Unit of Inquiry: How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea:  We can take action on issues by gaining knowlege and creatively sharing it with our community.


Exhibition:  the Capstone project of the PYP!

A BIG event is coming in fifth grade!  On Friday, June 9, fifth graders will present their final IB project, called Exhibition.  We will begin brainstorming topics in the next couple of weeks and the work will begin on learning more about our topics, developing an action and making a presentation to our school and greater community on what we have learned.

What is Exhibition and why is it so special?  The Exhibition is:

·      The IB-PYP’s featured project done by the 5th graders

·      An in-depth inquiry project that is done in collaboration with other 5th graders and an adult mentor

·      Starts with personal interests that connect to the real world

·      About local and global issues

·      An inquiry that requires ACTION!

Topics of this year’s Exhibition are:



After students research, develop and implement an action, they will share their learning with the community on Exhibition Day - Thursday May 30!

Please join us!