First Grade Team
IB Unit of Inquiry : How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea: 

People use creative ways to tell stories.

Lines of Inquiry:    
•Comparing how people tell stories
•Developing ideas through the writing process
•Creative storytelling
During this unit we are focusing on these:
IB Learner Profile Attributes Communicator, Thinker, Risk-Taker and Reflective

These are some good websites for children and families to explore and learn about our unit.

BrainPOP jr / reading & writing  Students can get login information from school; check with your child's teacher.

¡Colorín colorado! This site has a 'Meet the Author' section with videos of interviews with many authors of children's books. This site can be viewed in English or Spanish.

You can acccess Tumblebooks under 'Internet Websites' - 'Student Online Resources' on the sidebar of Bancroft's webpage.  On this site children choose from a list of books that are read to them.  There are lots of fun stories to enjoy for home reading!

This youtube video introduces the puppet show "Nalah and the Pink Tiger" presented by author & puppeteer Anne Sawyer-Aitch.  The show is based on the book Nalah and the Pink Tiger, writtten and illustrated by Anne Sawyer-Aitch.