First Grade Team

Welcome to First Grade at Bancroft!


Here is the video to practice your sight words for Unit 3 and 4!



Here is a video to practice your sight words for Unit 1 and 2!


IB Unit of Inquiry: How the World Works

Central Idea:  People classify animals to communicate and build understanding

LInes of Inquiry:  

•Characteristics of living things

•Life cycles

Habitats and basic needs of living things

During this unit we are focusing on these:

IB Profiles:  Thinkers, Inquirers

IB Attitludes:  Curiosity, Respect, Confidence

Key Concepts:  Form, Change, Connection

These are some excellent websites for children to explore and learn about animals.


Pebble Go research site

BrainPop Jr

animal habitat game

food chain game


As part of this unit we will go on a field trip to the MN Zoo in Apple Vally MN on Thursday, May 21, 2015.