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IB World School
High 5 - 5th
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3829 13th Ave S
Minneapolis 55407
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High 5

High 5 Teachers

Annie Francis

Ali Peacha

Maureen Zhao

Units of Inquiry:

Who We Are
Central Idea: We use play to learn how to become part of a group.

Inquiries into:

• Communicating and developing friendships

•Learning rules and routines


How We Express Ourselves:
Central Idea: Favorite stories help us use our imagination.

Inquiries into:

•How stories can be told in different ways

•The appreciation of stories

•Myself as a storyteller

Sharing the Planet
Central Idea: The world provides animals with what they need to live.

Inquiries into:


•Northwods Animals


•Ocean animals

•Wild animals

How the World Works
Central Idea: People and nature grow and change.

Inquiries into:

•How we have changed over the year

•Bugs & insects

•Gardening & planting

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3829 13th Ave S
Minneapolis 55407
Main Office
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