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Meeting Livestreams and Minutes

Bancroft PTO Recordings & Documents

Meetings are livestreamed and recorded to YouTube

Check out our channel to see an upcoming meeting or to watch past ones.

SY 2021-22 Meetings minutes and other documents will appear below.
June 13 PTO Meeting Recording
May 9 PTO Meeting Recording
April 11 PTO Meeting Recording
March 24 PTO Emergency Meeting Recording
March 3 PTO Pre-Strike Meeting Recording
Feb. 24 SITE Council Meeting summary
Highlights from the Site Council presentation. Please understand these notes are my understanding from the meeting, which had a robust discussion. Though the numbers are factual, how I presented them to give context is affected by any unintentional bias I bring. There were others in the meeting who can have other insight.
  • 2022-23 projected enrollment: 363 students (20 fewer than this year)
  • Free and Reduced Lunch enrollment is 50 percent (up from 42 percent this year), which is helpful for the school's Comp Ed funding
  • The Class Size funds, which pay for our teachers, decreased by $65,000
  • Bancroft needs to have 15 teachers (K-5) but is only being funded for 14.2 teachers next year. This number comes from a formula of not having enough students to fill a class.
  • Actual usable budget increase is $39,000 (Budget changes increased to specific, nonflexible accounts but decreased in others that could be used for multiple purposes). This amount could be used to compensate for the reduced Class Size fund, for example.
  • Bancroft will receive a $79,000 increase for its ASD program, which covers 3 ASD teachers, 9 SEAs, prep time and social work
  • Bancroft will receive a $164,000 increase because we have a third Hi5 classroom.
  • Bancroft will receive a $53,000 increase to fund 2 ELL teachers at 1:50 ratio.
  • The allocated funds don't include cost of living increases. With that factored in, Bancroft would not have the funding for a staff position.
  • Bancroft is funded for 1.3 Speech, .6 Nurse, and .4 Psychologist (other allocations not yet received)
  • Principal De Paz and Asst Principal Nichols have until March 4 to finalize a budget that is anticipated to reflect staffing change to 1-2 positions, and then submit to the district.
PTO hopes to continue this discussion at our March 14 PTO meeting. Please reply to this email if you have the time and talent to talk about how families can lobby the district on behalf of our school, for example, to get funding for 15 teachers rather than 14.2. Fifteen classrooms mean 15 teachers, so it makes little sense to only fund a .2 position since that person doesn't leave to another position for the remaining .8 of time. On the other side, growing enrollment could cover the missing .8. After the March 4 deadline, changes to Bancroft's budget are initiated by the district.

Dec. 13 Meeting Video Recording

  • Because of our community's generosity during Read-A-Thon and Book Sale, PTO is in a strong financial position. To improve financial transparency, we will create a separate checking account specifically for the Masonic Lodge funds that we hold for field trips and other school-led activities. PTO general funds will be in our original account for PTO-specific use.
  • Spirit Wear put 168 T-shirts and hoodies out into the community. This fundraiser raised about $225 for PTO. We will need a few volunteers to help distribute the items to classrooms in the first week of school.
  • We reviewed our successful Turkey Bingo event that drew more than 103 participants. A post-event survey revealed most participants would have loved seeing each other on camera and that technology was not the barrier we anticipated it would be for participants. PTO will host another virtual Family Involvement Night in the spring.
  • Principal De Paz on the school's plans for School Choice. They will hold two virtual open houses. Please go to Bancroft's website for details to share with families who are considering moving schools or have incoming HI5 students. Bancroft will also bring back its Family Activity Menu, our school's version of "homework" which was more focused on family engagement building good study habits rather than curricula.
  • Asst. Principal Nichols updated PTO on the school's current effort to review its values statements and shared goals. Our current set predates most in our school and with more than 60 percent new families this year, PTO would like to partner with the school in reaching out to more families for their feedback. Parent volunteers will engage with families during drop-off and pickup. Anyone interested in helping out in January, please email
  • Additionally, Bancroft staff's Equity and Justice group will undertake work toward drafting a Land Acknowledgement, as introduced by PTO in our October and November meetings. Late January, watch for information for parents to become involved in the effort that's being guided by parent Peter Haakon Thompson, who experienced the same work at his former Northrop school. 
  • PTO has spent a great deal of time and effort on building participation and engagement with our community. As we turn the corner into 2022, there might be capacity for PTO to undertake issues of school activism that are near and dear to our parents. Teacher and staff contract negotiations, staffing shortage and its ripple effect on reserves, SEA issues -- there are concerns that are outside our school walls that parents are welcomed to bring to PTO for communal consideration. Here's that portion in our meeting video.

Nov. 8 Meeting Recording & Highlights
  • Read-A-Thon raised a record $10,365. Thanks to all our supporters. Winners of minutes read per grade to be announced soon.
  • PTO and Bancroft staff will explore a process for creating our school's land acknowledgment. This will be a collaborative process with resources and guidance shared from Northrop Elementary School's two-year experience doing the same work. 
  • Our first parent-led cultural exchange activity will be on Monday Nov. 22, with a Bancroft parent leading two classrooms in the reading of the children's book The Water Protectors, followed by a watercolor activity. The resulting art pieces will be showcased in the cafeteria for all the school to see.
  • PTO will host a virtual Turkey Bingo online event on Monday Nov. 22 at 6pm. Details will follow. Look for our newsletter this week. Additionally, PTO will host neighborhood playdates to give Bancroft families a chance to socialize.
  •  PTO will design a postcard, in partnership with staff, to send out to all potential Bancroft students during School Choice season. PTO will look a new video to celebrate our school to replace the one we created at the start of the pandemic. We hope to gather interested families who would like to speak positively of their experiences here.
  • Spirit Wear will go on sale at the end of November. Bancroft parent and children's book creator Drew Brockington has agreed to create a new bulldog character that we could use on our sweaters and t-shirts. More details to follow, but look out for the order forms in the next two weeks. 
Oct. 11 Meeting Recording & Highlights
  • We listened to a representative of the Cataract Lodge #2 tell the story of their 15-year relationship with Bancroft and why they continue to donate to us. They delivered their donation of $12,000 last week.
  • We would like to form a group of parents/caregivers to craft a land acknowledgement for Bancroft PTO.
  • The Bancroft PTO Members Group on Facebook will transition to Private in order to become more of a discussion forum for parents. The Bancroft PTO Page will still be our online, public-facing hub. 
  • Conferences will include a flu shot clinic on Oct. 19 4-8pm.
  • School devices went home with all Gr 1-5 students, who are responsible for charging them and bringing them to school daily.
  • In-person family and community events will not occur for the foreseeable future. PTO will look at taking the initiative on online-only versions of Turkey Bingo or Family Arts Night.

Take Action:

  • We are looking for parent volunteers at our Book Sale during conferences. Here's a sign-up sheet.
  • Crossing Guard help is still needed. But also, PTO is asking parents to help us request for additional stop signs to be put in at 39th Street and 13th Avenue. Here's a link.
  • Bancroft Parent Dana LeMay is inviting parents to rally tonight before the MPS Board Meeting to raise the issue of a shortage of Specialized Education Assistants and staff. It will be at Davis Center (1250 Broadway) at 4-5:30pm. Email and we will put you in touch with Dana. 
Sept. 13 Meeting Recording & Highlights
  • Our first-ever online-only Fall Plant Fundraiser earned $650 toward PTO funding for classroom requests
  • We are seeking a few volunteers to help get Read-A-Thon forms to the classrooms on Oct. 18 and then to help tally up the Read-A-Thon forms when they're returned.
  • We are seeking volunteers to help the in-person book sale during conferences. If you have ideas about an online version, let us know.
  • Our Treasurer's report was accepted by PTO. Here's a detailed spreadsheet

We are seeking input on:

  • "Walking Busses" or "Bike Trains" and parents to help with crossing guards at 39th Street.
  • Should PTO host another playdate opportunity in the next month?
  • Pending how in-person events would occur, we are seeking ideas and organizers for Family Cultural Nights. An idea from 2019-20, we're still hoping to highlight the cultural groups that comprise our community in a way that allows students to share and learn from each other.
  • We're going to undertake an Earth Day Spring Cleanup as an environmentally themed community activity.

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