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Public School Advocacy

How and Where Can You Be Involved?

Bancroft PTO will be a clearinghouse of information so that our families can be as informed and involved as they would like.

This page will have links to resources and information about how we can engage with state leaders, district officials, and even other schools and communities on the subject of public school funding.

Our Minnesota State Representatives for the Bancroft school zone

Click this link if your address is outside the zone to find your representatives.

Bills for the Minnesota state government to fund public school education are in committee now, as of 5/9/23.
Now is the time to call or email your State Senator and State Representative (Find their contact information here -
Key messages
? Encourage your State Senator to adopt the House position to index the general education aid formula to inflation. It would ensure basic funding does not lose ground relative to inflation in future years.
? Encourage your State Representative to adopt the Senate position that would cover 60% of the unfunded cost of special education services. 
? Encourage your State Senator to adopt the House position to fully fund English Learner services. Like special education, districts must cover the costs of providing these important, mandated services but currently only receive 33% of the necessary funding.


Contact your representatives to talk about what's important to you! Give them the ability to truthfully say "I've heard from hundreds of people about this issue..."

March 25 is the final day for bills to move out of committee to be prepared for debates and voting in the Minnesota House and Senate. Now is the time for legislators to hear from their constituents.

What's being discussed?

Minnesota has a $17.5 billion state budget surplus. Minneapolis Public Schools has a projected $108 million deficit for 2024-25. State funding of schools is the primary topic. Expand the bullet points below to see some basic info and links to summaries.

All school districts be able to use more of their general budget for other priorities if the state increased its Special Education funding and English Language Learning programs, which are federally mandated but underfunded requirements.

Mental health services for students with IEPs can be covered by Medicaid, but it's currently a cumbersome process. This bill House File 1175 would expand schools' ability to bill for services to the medical assistance state plan.

There is a bill that revises how professionals can enter a pathway to teaching in K-12: House File 1224. It requires Tier 2 licensed teachers to take a state-approved teacher preparation program and eliminates Tier 2 teachers from moving to Tier 3 after three years of teaching. The challenge of this bill is that it stymies community professionals -- and many teachers of color -- from being able to teach in Minneapolis classrooms.

There is a bill that is working toward a ethnic studies requirement in social studies for high school graduation as well as the development of curricula for k-12House File 1502

Here's a draft script for an issue Bancroft PTO considers important. Model your own after it.

Dear Representative, I am the proud _______ of a Bancroft Elementary ______ grader in Minneapolis. I appreciate your support for 1) fully funding special education,  2) English Language Learner services, and 3) tying inflation adjustments to the general school funding formula. These bills are critical to educating the future of Minnesota, and to ensuring Minneapolis children have access to a world class education. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, __________" 

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