Third Grade Team
Welcome to 3rd Grade!!


Third grade is an exciting year!

Here are some of the topics we'll be exploring:  animal adaptations, citizenship & government, astronomy, ancient civilizations, the human body, folktales.

You'll be learning strategies to become stronger readers of stories and informational text, and build your stamina to read those longer chapter books.  You'll also have lots of opportunities to write:  journal entries, quick writes, stories,  and projects that share your learning.

In math our big focus is learning multiplication and division, but you'll also build on your strategies for additon and subtraction of multidigit numbers, and continue to work on problem solving and explaining your thinking.  You'll build your knowledge and understanding of geometry and fractions, too! 

We'll work together to figure out how to do all this beginning with Distance Learning.  WOW! 

3rd GRADE ROCKS!! Let's have a great year!