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2020 - 2021 Testing Information

How we assess student learning will look different this year due to distance learning.


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The following testing schedule is required by Statute. The dates indicated for Statewide Assessments (ACCESS and MCA) are neither final nor definitive. This schedule will be updated and amended based on legislative changes or executive orders as MPS receives more information from the MN Department of Education Statewide Student Assessment and Data Analytics team.

If you have any concerns about our school testing schedule and/or Statewide Assessments, please contact MPS District Assessment Coordinator, Virginie Sanchez, at



State Testing  Calendar

School Year 2020 – 2021


State Assessment                                  Grades.                                              Dates

CogAT                                                      K-4                                         Assessment will occur in SY 21-22

                                                                (2nd-universal screener)        Advanced Learner Assessment Decision


ACCESS                                                   K-5                                                   2/20/21 – 3/19/21

(English Language Learners)


MTAS/MCA Science                                5                                                       3/22/20 – 3/26/21


MTAS/MCA Reading & Math                   3-5                                                   4/14/21 – 5/7/21