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Bancroft’s Assessment Policy

There is a cycle to how we teach and learn that we use as our guide in developing curriculum – the written curriculum, the taught curriculum, and the assessed curriculum.  As a staff, we spend a lot a time discussing and reviewing assessment - why we assess and what we learn from it. Assessment is how we measure student growth. It can be a formal or informal process and it is ongoing throughout the day. We use assessment to gauge student learning and to decide where we need to go next in our instruction. Assessment is such an important part of the learning process that the IB asks us to develop an assessment policy to clearly articulate for ourselves and our community, including our parents, how and why we assess our students.

Bancroft's Language Policy

We believe that all of us are teachers of language and that language acquisition is the foundation for learning. The Bancroft Language Policy includes our practices in developing, teaching, and assessing language development.  It also includes how we support our families and students in maintaining their Mother Tongue.

Bancroft's Inclusion Policy

All of the students at Bancroft are part of the IB-PYP and are exposed to the Learner Profile and the essential elements to every extent possible. Every learner is unique at Bancroft and we strive to make the best learning environment and experiences possible for each student. Our Inclusion Policy is our statement outlines how we strive to be inclusive for every student.