Bancroft Band Program

August 28, 2018 Updated:

Note: Band is available to 5th graders 2018-19.

Nota:  La Banda solo está disponible para los estudiantes de 5* grado 2018-19.


2018-2019 Band Days:

Tuesdays 1/2-day, (7:30-10:45) and Wednesdays (7:30-3:30)


2018-2019 Horario en la escuela de la Maestra de Banda:

martes (medio dia 7:30-10:45) y miércoles (7:30-3:30)


Click on "Ms. Maureen Hunt" on the right side of this page for more information about the Band Teacher

Click on "Basic" on the right side of this page for important Band Expectations for success.



Seleccione en “ Ms. Maureen Hunt” de lado derecho de ésta página para más información acerca de la maestra de Banda.


Seleccione  en “Basic” del lado derecho de ésta página para el éxito de la importante Expectativa de Banda.


If you have any band questions, please call the office or send an e-mail message.

Maureen Hunt
, Bancroft Band Teacher 

School Office Phone:  612-668-3550



2015  Thanks to former Supt. Bernadeia Johnson, our new instrument and replacement case Wish List was FILLED Spring 2015.

2010  Thanks to VH1(Video Hits One), through a ‘Save the Music’ Foundation Grant, we were able to re-start our Band program adding some brand new Yamaha instruments fall of 2010 to our inventory!



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