Cathy Todd, School Social Worker


My name is Cathy Todd, and I am the school social worker at Bancroft Elementary School.  The students know me as "Miss Cathy."  I have been a social worker for Minneapolis Public Schools since 2003, and have been at Bancroft since 2007.  I live nine blocks from Bancroft, and am so glad to be working at a school in my neighborhood!  Prior to working in the schools, I worked in the fields of housing and homelessness, mental health, nursing home, and spent a year volunteering in central Guatemala.  I graduated from Sioux Falls College and the University of Nebraska at Omaha with degrees in social work, and am licensed as a clinical social worker.  In addition to my work at Bancroft, I also work part-time as a social worker at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.  

At Bancroft, I work with students and their families, our staff, and the community.  I support students with special education needs and connect with all of our students throughout the school day.  I support families who are homeless and experiencing a variety of other stressors.  I serve as a member of our school site emergency team, and support volunteers and family involvement throughout the school.

We often have social work interns that spend the school year working with us here at Bancroft.  They work with students and families throughout the school as we multiply the services that we are able to provide.

Please feel free to reach out of you have any questions that I can help with!  I can be reached at 612-668-3563 or via email at

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