The essential agreements we developed together are:

Room 209 Essential Agreements

  1. Keep trying and do your best work
  2. Follow Directions
  3. Keep the room clean
  4. Be caring and help others
  5. Stay in your spot

​We have reading and math homework everyday.  Math homework is a short sheet. It is due the next school day.   Reading homework should be done in the student planner.  I usually try to write a quick note to families in every student’s planner on Fridays.  Students should read for twenty minutes.  In their planner, the need to record the following:

Time: the time started and finished reading

Title:  of the book read

Word: a new and challenging word – we have talked about this in class

Definition:  the meaning of the new word

Sentence:  a sentence with the new word

They can find the meaning of the new word from a dictionary, the Internet, or even asking an adult.  The goal of learning the new word is to practice using it several times.  When they return their homework, I will ask them to tell me another sentence with the word. 

The reason for this homework is:  The more words you learn, the more words you know, the smarter you are!