3rd Grade Science

In third grade science we will study these topics and objectives:

Learn about structures of life

  • Watch crayfish behavior as changes are introduced in its habitat
  • Monitor and record changes in seeds
  • Squence and illustrate different stages of the life cycle of a bean
  •  Communicate an understanding that each plant and animal has a different structure that serves different functions of growth, survival, and reproduction

Discovers ways to make sound

  • Use what they have learned to plan and conduct an investivation
  • Record observations and comparisons about sound such as receivers, amplification, pitch and directionality.  
  • Communicate an understanding that sound originates from vibrations

Explores ideas and inventions

  • Plan and carry out an investigation or invention
  • Identify four techniques used to gather information: rubbing, chromatography, fingerprinting and mirror imagery

Understands distinctive structures of the human body

  • Learn about the functions of joints, skeletons, and muscles
  • Learn how systems work together to provide movement


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