General resources for learning Spanish


  • ABCYa Spanish Word Toss: Spanish Word Toss is a fun, educational game for kids to practice Spanish vocabulary words. 
  • Hello World : Lessons, worksheets, and flashcards that help with a variety of topics and pronunciation in Spanish.
  • BBC - Primary Languages (Spanish):  Information about vocabulary and grammar with games and videos to make learning fun!
  • QUIA The QUIA website is a great tool to help students review and study vocabulary. There are pre-made activities and games, or students can make their own using their vocabulary sheet.
  • Español I - Review Pages This teacher-created website lists vocabulary games organized by topics found on QUIA.  It also has information on grammatical concepts.
  • Quizlet The Quizlet website is similar to the QUIA website. It helps students study vocabulary that we learn in class through games, review and flashcard. Students can search under Spanish topics.
  • Salsa: Spanish Language learning program through Georgia Public Broadcasting.  Watch episodes online and play games to help build vocabulary and comprehension.
  • WachKnowLearn: Free educational video archive with lots of videos in Spanish.
  • Rockalingua: Choose songs, games, and activities labeled "free".