Ms. Kyra

Dear Kindergarten Families,

I am excited to be joining the Bancroft staff this year as an official Kindergarten homeroom teacher! It is my pleasure to be your child's teacher. Last year I was co-teaching here through the Grow-Your-Own Minneapolis district program. I have been teaching since 2009 in various settings including preschool, Montessori Kindergarten and art classes from toddlers to adults. Teaching has taken me around the world, and I have been happy to return to my homestate after teaching in New York and Europe for many years. I have a background in art history & art education, a Master's in Education from the U of M, and am currently working on a Master's in Holistic Health from St. Catherine University to influence the focus on well-being in education.

Here at Bancroft we are an International Baccaluerate (IB) community of learners. We are dedicated to serving your children and their highest potential in our school. In our 105 classroom, Kindergarteners have the experience of the joy of learning! Everyday is important as we explore, experiment and engage in fun lessons. Everyday your child will practice reading, writing, and math. Every week, your child will have a science, social studies and Second Step (our Social & Emotional skills curriculum). All of our content areas are enhanced through the practice and lived experience of being an IB learner. We are global learners and therefore have many opportunties to learn about various cultures throughout the year. 

In our classroom we respect each other, our environment and our unique selves. Thank you for all of your support and connection to Bancroft! It takes a village to raise a child--so we greatly appreciate and value your presence! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me: 612-749-4800 or


Ms. Kyra