Making Connections for Spanish Language Learners

There are a lot of ways to make connections to Spanish outside of the classroom. Here are just a few. Please talk to your child's Spanish teacher if you find any resources that you would like added to this list to share with students and parents at Bancroft.

Online Learning:

On our Spanish class website you will find Spanish web links that reinforce what we are learning in the classroom. 


Like we do in our classroom, you can label objects around the house in Spanish as a visual reinforcement.

Spanish Books, CD’s and movies:

Visit the Bancroft library or the Spanish section of your local library and check out books or CD's in Spanish. Most libraries in Minneapolis have a wide range of resources in Spanish.

You will also find that many of your children’s favorite shows and movies are available in Spanish, with Spanish subtitles, or dubbed in Spanish. Instead of watching “Finding Nemo” in English again, pick the Spanish version in the options and watch “Buscando a Nemo.” 

Asking Questions:

Ask your child what he or she is learning in the classroom and ask them to teach you a phrase or some vocabulary that they are learning. By teaching and practicing at home, students will reinforce and further their learning. The more you can practice at home (however bad or incorrect you believe your Spanish may sound), the more opportunities your child has to use their new language. You can model being a “risk-taker”, one of our IB Learner Profiles.