Osiel with expanding ball

Math Magicians need fact practice.  You can also practice your multiplication facts by thinking of the factors you use to multiply.   Be sure to practice the facts you are still learning, not the ones you already know.  :-)

You can build your skills by practing the kinds of questions you will see on computer (standardized) tests.  This link will help you practice thinking through questions and understanding the question before answering it. 

Mr. Anker's web site has math quizzes and you can print a worksheet for fact practice.  

What do third graders learn in math?

  • Solve real-world problems with numbers up to 1,000 using addition and subtraction
  • Make change up to $1 in several ways, including as few coins as possible
  • Use tools to measure temperature, time and perimeter
  • Identify, describe and classify 2-D and 3-D shapes
  • Tell time to the minute
  • Collect and interpret information from a variety of graphs using appropriate labels and units
  • Use graphs to compare data and solve problems
  • Create a story to represent a multiplication or division number sentence
  • Identify, describe and extend patterns