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Dear Bancroft families,


We are so excited to welcome our students back to our building! Starting on February 8th, we will begin in-person learning for our students whose families have chosen that option. We will also continue to offer Distance Learning.    


We know there are many questions about this transition and hope to provide some answers about what things will look like here at Bancroft. Please know this information is specific to our school, and other schools might have different procedures or ways of handling things.


This is a long message, but in it we will cover:


How to switch between distance and in-person learning if you’ve changed your preference

Face covering requirements

When and how you should hear from your student’s new teacher

Transition schedule and in-person learning

Distance learning updates

How students will enter and exit the building

Where students will eat breakfast and lunch

Who to contact if your student is feeling ill

Free COVID-19 saliva testing available before school starts

How we’ll notify families if there is a positive COVID case

How to handle personal quarantines

Where to find more information


You can also access this information on our webpage along with a more comprehensive list in our- Bancroft Preparedness Plan For Families

Switching between distance and in-person learning, or vice versa

First, if you registered for or were placed automatically in-person learning but would like to switch to distance learning, please contact our office at 612-668-3550 as soon as possible. This change can happen after two days and you can continue using the same devices and resources already provided to your student.


If you registered for distance learning and would like to switch to in-person learning, please contact our office at 612-668-3550 as soon as possible. Because of the logistics necessary to support this change, such as staffing, meals and transportation, this switch can take around 2 weeks. We will work with your family and your student to make this as easy as possible.


Face covering requirements for students and staff

Face coverings must be worn at all times by staff and students while in the school building, including during recess and physical education classes. Face coverings can be removed while eating or drinking, but must be worn at all other times. 


We highly recommend sending students with at least one additional clean mask in the event their mask becomes overly wet, dirty, or lost. We will have additional face coverings to provide to students who come to school without a face covering or need an additional one during the day. All adults will be required to wear a face covering if they enter the main office or while waiting to pick up students near the building during pick-up and drop-off


When and how you should hear from your student’s new teacher

We are in the process of finalizing our new class rosters. Students will remain with their current teachers if they are in the same learning model. We will not make any unnecessary changes.  Kindergarten will have 3 in-person (IP) classrooms and 2 Distance Learning  (DL) classrooms. Grades 1 and 2 will have 2 IP and 2 DL classes. Grades 3 and 4 will have 2 IP classes and 1 DL class. Grade 5 has some changes that we are still trying to configure. Class notifications will be sent from Bancroft by February 2 for our K-2 classes. Teachers in grades K-2 will be reaching out to individual students and families by the end of the week to introduce themselves and welcome students to their room. Teachers will also share with students what items they need to bring for in-person learning and what their daily schedule will look like. Distance Learning teachers will also reach out to families and students to share log-on information and new Google Meeting information.

Grades 3-5 will remain with their current teachers to do Distance Learning and make the switch prior to February 22.



Transition schedule and in-person learning

As a reminder, our High 5 and Kindergarten students will return Feb. 8. Grades 1 and 2 will return Feb. 10. Grades 3-5 will return Feb. 22. During the transition, students will remain in distance learning until their in-person start date.



Distance learning updates

Distance Learning classes will begin at 9:00. Teachers will share information about Google Meetings, Seesaw, etc. in follow up communications. 


What things students need to bring for in-person learning?

All students returning to in-person learning must bring back their school issued devices, including Hotspots. Devices will be stored in classrooms and will be the student’s assigned device for the remainder if the year. Students can bring basic school supplies that will be stored in their backpack or in school provided, individual storage containers. 


What will our daily schedule will look like?

For in-person students, the school day is 8:40-3:10. Doors will open at 8:25. Please do not drop off students any earlier as we want to avoid students congregating together. 

For distance learning students, the school day remains 9:00- 3:00

Teachers will class specifics in future communications. Additional information can be found in our Bancroft Preparedness Plan For Families

How will students enter and exit the building?

There will be some changes to drop-off/arrival and pick-up/dismissal for students. 

For students who walk to school or are brought by their families, please have students enter at Door 10. At this time, parents and caregivers are not allowed in the building. At the end of the day, students will exit at Door 10 or Door 7. Families should not enter the school with their students and should avoid congregating near the drop-off and pick-up locations. For more information please reference our-Bancroft Preparedness Plan For Families

For students riding on a school bus, the busses will arrive along the bus lane on 13th Ave. Students in grades K, 1, 2, and 4 will enter the school through Door 1.  Students in grades 3 and 5 will enter the school through Door 3.  Breakfast will be available for students at each entrance. 



Where will students eat breakfast and lunch?

Students in every grade level will eat breakfast in their classrooms. Breakfast will be in bags and made available as students enter the building. Lunch will take place in the cafeteria and classrooms depending on the grade level. Students will maintain at least 3 feet of social distancing in each scenario. All meals are free.


Who to contact if your student is feeling ill?

If your student is experiencing any symptoms of illness, please keep them home. You can contact the Health Office at 612-668-3555 and follow our school’s normal attendance procedures. We ask every family to complete a self health-screening of your student before sending them to school each day.


Everyone has the right to keep their medical condition confidential and MPS will not identify individuals who have tested positive for COVID. However, we highly encourage families to inform their school if their student has tested positive for COVID. MPS gets information every day from both the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minneapolis Health Department about positive cases in the MPS community. If there is a concern that your student was exposed to someone who has tested positive with COVID, you will be notified with next steps.


Free COVID-19 saliva testing available before school starts

While COVID test results are only good for a moment in time, MPS is making free saliva tests available on several dates before school starts for those who are interested.


How we’ll notify families if there is a positive COVID case

Because each case is unique, we will work with the Minneapolis Health Department to make the best decision about how and who to communicate with about an exposure to COVID at school. Due to confidentiality of medical information for all of our students and staff, families will not be told who has tested positive.


While it is rare that we would need to close an entire school due to a positive case of COVID, the school principal will notify families when and if the school building needs to be closed or if a classroom or certain students need to quarantine. In most cases, a school can stay open due to our strict, daily cleaning and disinfection practices. Those that are identified as being in close contact with someone who tested positive will need to quarantine under the direction of the Minneapolis Health Department. If a school is closed, students will return to distance learning. 


How to handle personal quarantines

If you are traveling or need to quarantine for personal reasons, please contact your child’s teacher and our Health Office at 612-668-3555 and follow our normal absence procedures.



More information available often!

Stay tuned for updates from Bancroft and MPS—we will continue to utilize our website, emails, robocalls, texts and social media to keep families updated. More safety videos will soon be available on the MPS Phase 5 website. Also check our  extensive FAQ for the latest answers to new questions.

Things are changing quickly and often. For example, we were excited this week to learn about vaccination opportunities for more than 2,000 staff who work directly with children. MPS will continue to work closely with state, county and city health officials and provide COVID-19 updates as possible. See the latest key data on the MPS COVID-19 Dashboard.

We are excited to see our students again! 

Please contact our main office at 612-668-3550 for more information. 


Diego De Paz