Ms. Ruth
Ruth Koontz, Special Education Teacher, ASD

This is the beginning of my second year in the Bancroft Austism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) program.  I have taught in the district for 8 years.  Before this, I worked for 3 years as a Special Education Assistant (SEA), working to help students with ASD be successful in their general education classrooms.

I have a Masters in Special Education from St. Thomas University, nearly a Masters in K-8 Social studies in general education from Hamline University, and a BA in Architecture from the University of Minnesota.

Since I was an SEA for students with autism, I have been fascinated with learning more about how to teach students who do not have strong language skills to read and to express their knowledge.  I believe that all students can read regardless of their speaking skills.

Please contact me by phone: 612-668-3550, or by email: