Spanish Web Links

Practice Spanish in class and at home!

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Spanish-English Dictionary

Word Reference is one of the best online dictionaries out there. It provides Spanish and English translations, definitions, and forums that discuss how to use or translate difficult phrases or idiomatic expressions.

Websites to support classroom learning

Websites that have information that will help students practice what we are learning in Spanish class in our current and past units of study.

Websites for Free Time in Spanish Class

Sites that fourth and fifth graders are allowed to use during World Language classes.

General resources for learning Spanish

Websites with a variety of content in Spanish.

Videos we've watched in class

Some of our favorites to watch at home!

How Can I Keep Learning Languages?

Ideas for what to do in your community or at home to keep practicing Language!

2nd Grade Market Day Videos for El "Cine" (The "Cinema")

During Market Day, second graders have the opportunity to be employees or customers at a mini movie theater showing short clips from favorite TV shows and movies in Spanish.