Students have chosen topics they were interested in to research, inquire about, take action on and creatively present  to the community.  

They hope to influence the greater community by sharing why these topics are important to them.

Below you will find the topics from each classroom, their action and how they will creatively share their learning with the community!

Room 41 Topics

  • ‚ÄčHomelessness in Mpls -- Collected supplies for the homeless and created a podcast.
  • Black Lives Matter -- Wrote messages on sidewalks before our Peace March and are created dioramas.
  • Famines in Africa -- Creating a website and a newscast.
  • Depression -- Formed a Wellness club to promote positive mental health and a video
  • Plastic in the Ocean -- Created a Pledge to keep the oceans clean and will be making a diorama.
  • LGBTQ+ -- Created a lesson for 4th graders and a pledge for kindness and inclusiveness.   They made bookmarks to pass out after their presentation and created a poster with digitial images.
  • Financial Equity/Poverty -- Created a lesson for 4th graders.

Room 43 Topics

  • Lead Poisoning -- Created a website.
  • LGBTQ+ -- Created a board game.
  • Racism -- Created some artwork.
  • Plastics in Ocean -- Created a brochure and a diorama.
  • Gender Equality --Created a lesson on stereotypes for other classes.
  • Bullying --Created a photo gallery/slideshow.
  • Active Lifestyles -- Created a fitness challenge.

Room 45 Topics

  • Homelessness/Tent City -- Created a petition for students to sign and they are created a video.
  • Healthy Eating/Pregnancy and Drug Addiction -- Created a website.
  • Animal Rescue-Birds -- Made bird houses to pass out.
  • World Hunger --Created a board game and a video/newscast.
  • Youth Gang Violence in Mpls -- Participated in the Peace March and created a rap.
  • Black Lives Matter -- Created posters for the Peace March and a spoken word video.
  • Youth Homelessness -- Collected supplies for the homeless.
  • Homelessness -- Held food drive and created a diorama.